How to Choose The Best baby Car Seat For Your Newborn

Published: 25th March 2009
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How to Choose The Best baby Car Seat For Your Newborn

Choosing childrens car seats is for your first born is a very important subject for every parent. There is a wide variety of choice in child car seats, the likes of britax, maxi-cosi or graco car seats are just some of the better known car seat manufacturers. These companies always provide a world of information to help you to make an informed decisison too.

The best source of information are forums where parents share their experiences about the car seats they are using. One issue you always come across over and over again is that parents don't check with the manufaturer if the car seat of choice is compatible with their car. And this often causes a lot of frustrations.

Always be sure to spend a little time in researching the baby seat of choice. This will prevent any future frustrations but most importantly that your baby is safe. Also be sure to choose the one that is right for your baby or child's age.

Childrens car seats come in Group 0, 1, 2 or 3, which is basically helping you as a parent to make sure you choose a car seat that fits the age and weight of your child. Another option you have is buying a car seat that grows with your child, although these are often for babies around 9 months old and onwards. If you are not familiar with the issues above it would be good to check the guidelines on this at the manufacturers.

Overall just think about buying a car seat that is both safe for your child first and for most but also is practical for you as a parent. Because as your child grows he or she will change from a rear facing position to a front facing position, or some stage you want to carry the baby around when shopping, so a detachable seat from the base would be very convenient. These are just little things you may not necessarily think about when you are a parent for the first time.

An interesting fact is that only 30% of child seatsare installed correctly when using an adult seat belt and 96% when using the Isofix system! This may be another important factor in choosing a baby car seat. Your car may be already equipped with the standardised Isofix and top tether anchorage points as these are standard on new car models since 2006. By 2011 all cars need to adhere to this standard.

So when you are in the process of buying a car seat please first check the safety, practicality of the car seat and if it is compatible with your car, then maybe check forums to see what parents have to say about this car seat. This will make sure your child is safe and prevents future frustrations when choosing the childrens car seat for your new born.

At childrens car seats online provide in depth facts and consumer feedback on best baby car seats to help you to make an informed decision.

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